The fact that the Linhof Master Technika has achieved a certain cult status has several good reasons: This equipment is a noble tool and a real status symbol for the ambitious photographer.
Superb mechanical precision and an immaculate finish emphasize the prominent role this camera offers with the 4x5 inch format. Thanks to its drop-bed technique the Technika can completely be closed, easily carried and set up on location. The Technika is a large format camera system for virtually all fields of professional photography. From studio table tops, portraiture, indoor shooting to travel, landscape, architectural and industrial subjects.
The Technika is a view camera offering all possibilities of image composing with sophisticated mechanical adjustment facilities for perspective corrections and depth-of-field control with groundglass observation.
The system is available as Master Technika 3000 and as Master Technika classic permitting even hand-held photography. Operating and image composing are unique: The Master Technika classic can be equipped with a Multi-Focus Optical Viewfinder for exact control of the image composition complemented by a lens-coupled multi-focus coincidence type range finder system for precise focus control without groundglass. Similar to 35 mm and medium format view finder camera systems the Technika permits flexible handling but with the added advantage of large format quality standards, i.e. perfect transitions and extremely high resolution power.


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